Gorgeous USA Summer Vacation Spots

Top beach locations to take your kids overseas


As the weather here in the Southern Hemisphere starts to drop a little to the colder side of the temperature gauge, we start to look longingly towards the other side of the world, the States included. Dreaming of summer days and languishing on warm beaches doesn’t have to remain a wistful thought, with a multitude of gorgeous American beaches and locations ready for a mid-winter getaway just a plane-ride away.

It’s time to gather the kids, drag out the suitcases and pack your swimsuits in preparation for a well-deserved break and a second hit of summer. To make it super easy for you we’ve compiled a list of some of the top beach vacation spots in the USA that are child-friendly and family approved. Slap on your sunscreen and get ready to relax.

Heading the States? Give these beaches a try with your family in tow.


  1. North Beach at Fort De Soto Park, Tierra Verde, Florida

North Beach is located new St. Petersburg and has a natural “kiddie pool lagoon” created by a sandbar. Relax with the kids in the lagoon, with water that doesn’t go above one metre deep (perfect for toddlers). The water itself is warm and clear, surrounded by white sand beaches with plenty of seashells for gathering.

There’s also a local spot called Gulf Pier nearby that’s known for dolphin spotting, along with bike trails, and a touch of history with forts and cannons from the Spanish-American War.


  1. Coligny Beach Park, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head boasts an impressive 12 miles of gorgeous coastline, with Coligny standing out with shallow, calm water that’s perfect for families with younger children. Locals say it takes a decent 30m walk from the shoreline to get to water even 1m deep.  

There’s a treasure trove of smaller tidal pools hiding an array of seashells and little creatures, perfect for children to play amongst, along with luscious hard-packed sand that begs to be made into sandcastles or even cycled along.

There’s extra entertainment with three-wheeled dune bikes (similar to tricycles!) that can be rented from the nearby stand, and the local Coligny Plaza, which hosts free magic shows four evenings a week.

  1. Kama'ole Beach Park III, Maui, Hawaii

One of a trio of beautiful beaches (separated by rocky outcrops), this beach is known locally as Kam 3 and is perfect for young families. The crystal clear water allows you to see fish from the surface, with small waves perfect for smaller children. Sea creatures to look out for include sea turtles or even puffer fish!  Snorkel gear can be rented for around $2 for a better view in the ocean, and there are plenty of grassy areas nearby for picnicking.

  1. Coronado Central Beach, San Diego

Drive over the bridge from San Diego and find yourself at a two-mile stretch of beach perfect for family vacationing. Warm gentle water laps at the gorgeous white sand, with tidal pools ready to explore. No smoking is allowed on this beach and the town even invented a rake to clear the beach of kelp, keeping it clean and pristine for your little ones.

  1. Main Beach, East Hampton, New York

It’s the place to be for families in summer, boasting clear waters, luscious diners and perfect white sand. There’s a family friendly atmosphere (despite the mansions along the beach side!), plenty of great places to eat and lots of local events.

Wherever your family holiday takes you, we hope you enjoy the sun, sand and memories.


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